Oct 28 2016
Why Use A Diabetes Management Mobile App?

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A diabetes management mobile app gives diabetics the ability to monitor glucose levels more effectively.

A mobile app delivers the convenience of daily reminders to check your glucose levels and caretaker notifications in case you forget. Some apps also deliver the ability to track restaurant meals, track diet choices and collect historical data of your blood glucose levels.

SugarCube Diabetes Mobile App Dashboard Feature
SugarCube Diabetes Mobile App Dashboard Feature

Looking for a diabetes management mobile app that has the features you need and want?

The SugarCube App is a diabetes management app that helps manage day-to-day decision making so that you make healthier lifestyle choices.

Using the SugarCube Diabetes Management Mobile App can help you, your doctor and caretaker work as a team to manage your diabetes. The diabetes app is convenient, intuitive and easy to use. It’s interface makes the most of the capabilities you are used to using on a smartphone. There is virtually no learning curve with SugarCube. Plus, the app works with any glucometer. You will be up and running in minutes.

App features include:

  • Daily Reminders to input your Blood Glucose Levels before and after meals.
  • Caretaker Notifications sent to loved ones and/or caretaker notifying them of all activities including missed Blood Glucose Levels inputs.
  • The GeoTracking Meal feature to find the best restaurants and track meals to review Blood Glucose levels.
  • The Photo App to record meals and save them to your log book.
  • Delivery of reports directly to your doctor via email from the app.
  • Ability to sync with Apple Health App to monitor exercise routines.
  • The “at a glance” Dashboard monitors overall health 24/7.
  • Ability to sync with your calendar.

Try The SugarCube Diabetes Management Mobile App for free. Download it from the App Store.

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