Sep 21 2016
Diabetes Mobile App – Manage Diabetes Effectively

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Today, over 414 million people globally have some form of diabetes. Every 48 hours, 7670 Americans are diagnosed with diabetes. Or you can think of it this way, that’s every 23 seconds an American is diagnosed. Introducing the SugarCube Diabetes Mobile App, the smart way to manage diabetes. The SugarCube Diabetes App is not just another health app on your smart phone, it is a lifestyle management tool that will revolutionize how you monitor your diabetes. Obviously, diabetes can’t be reversed but diabetics can live a normal, healthy lifestyle with the correct tools to manage their health.

Today, our lives are busy with most of us “on the go”. In the past, managing diabetes and being mobile meant carrying bags of equipment around. Now, with the advantage of smart phone technology, there is no reason to not have robust mobile app tools available at your fingertips.


By monitoring your health on your smart phone with SugarCube. The SugarCube Diabetes Mobile App is a glucose monitoring app with an easy-to-read Dashboard and features such as Daily Reminders and Caretaker Notifications. The Sugar Cube mobile app also features the ability to geo-track restaurant meals, track meal history so users can understand what restaurants work best for them. Plus, it syncs directly with Apple’s health app, and delivers reports to your doctor.


The SugarCube mobile app was designed with the user in mind, making the most of the capabilities of a smart phone. No complicated charts and graphs, just a simple intuitive interface. The SugarCube Diabetes App is easy to use, innovative and convenient.


SugarCube was founded by, Johnnie Refvik, a Type 1 Diabetic, out of the need to better manage his own diabetes. With the SugarCube mobile app’s easy to use interface and intuitive navigation, users are able to manage their diabetes and health more accurately and efficiently. Learn more about us and about the SugarCube Diabetes App here.

Go ahead! Try it! Download on the App Store. Get started managing your diabetes rather than your diabetes managing you. Because diabetes is what you have, it isn’t who you are.

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