Sep 13 2015
SugarCube crowdfunds bluetooth glucose testing kit

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LOS ANGELES – The SugarCube on Thursday announced the launch of its Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund the money needed to bring its Bluetooth glucose testing kit and supporting mobile app to market.
The SugarCube all-in-one glucometer kit is a Bluetooth enabled testing and insulin-delivery device. This device communicates directly with The SugarCube App to track, store and analyze a user’s diet, exercise, glucose levels and insulin administered.
“It’s true the majority of diabetes management apps available have a data tracker; but most tend to look like a bunch of dots on a graph,” said Johnnie Refvik, The SugarCube CEO. “When it’s that difficult to understand and not at all user-friendly, people get easily frustrated and lose interest. The SugarCube will make taking care of your health easier and fun. We want diabetics to understand how past behavior can help them determine better choices for their future.”
The SugarCube App is currently available on iTunes Connect for beta testing, and is set to make its official debut for iOS in March 2016; and May 2016 for Android. The app is free to download, followed by a 30-day free trial. After the 30 days, users are charged $4.99/month for the SaaS model that includes access to both the mobile app and website version for tablet/PC/Mac users.
The SugarCube glucometer device – available for preorder this December – will hit shelves in December 2016 for $75.
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