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Monitor Your Diabetes More Effectively


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Innovative. Powerful. Convenient.

The SugarCube offers you comprehensive and unique features for managing your BG levels. Features such as Daily Reminders, My Meals, and Caretaker Notifications makes this the most powerful tracking tool at your fingertips. Think of it as your own personal diabetes assistant!

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Navigate your BG Level more effectively and efficiently

  • Monitor your overall health with our “at a glance” dashboard.
  • Manage your BG levels, eating habits, syncs with your calendar and with Apple Health.
  • Personalize your health challenges such as exercise and diet goals to help you stay healthy.

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Daily Reminders

Never Miss Checking your BG Levels!

Reminders are important, life is fast pace and we forget, so let us remind you.
Set your notifications up so we can remind you.

  • Daily Reminders sends you alerts to input your BG levels before and after meals and to inform you if your BG is high or low and needs close monitoring.


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Caretaker Notifications

Sometimes we need help!

Our caretaker feature sends you alerts for you to make sure your loved ones are taken care of while your away.

  • Caretaker Notifications sends you a text/email to the caregiver of your choice.
  • Be informed about your child/elderly or patients BG levels.
  • Receive alerts if their BG levels are out of range or has not received any data at a certain time frame.

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GeoTracking Meals

Using your map isn’t just for driving directions, it’s for finding the best places to eat that fits your healthy lifestyle.

  • After eating at the same location several times the app will show you your average BG levels per that restaurant.
  • Review your average BG levels from your favorite café or restaurants.
  • Keep a list of all restaurants/dining options available at your fingertips.

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Photo App

Be a professional food photographer! Not only will it be a pretty picture,

  • Record every meal you eat by taking a photo.
  • No more writing in a log book for your doctor, your meal is right there.

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Color Preference

Colors make your moods, pick your colors to help maintain a happy, healthy and normal BG levels.

  • Colors are fun and are great indicators to making healthy decisions.
  • Choose colors that will remind you about your high, low and normal ranges.

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No More hand written reports, logging is important and sharing with your doctor is critical to staying healthy.

  • Deliver reports to your doctor via email direct from the app.
  • Download PDF for your records.

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Works with Apple Health App

Health and Fitness in one place.

  • Sync your data with Apples health.
  • Track your data (Running, Swimming, Walking, Cycling, etc.).

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Simple, Powerful, Convenient.


The SugarCube Management System

Because The SugarCube App was developed by a Type 1 Diabetic, who is active and busy just like you. It was created to work like you do, the app not only has more comprehensive features to help you, your doctor, and your caretaker work as team to manage your diabetes with more accuracy and convenience, it’s also intuitive and easy to use. Most diabetes management apps are platforms of charts and forms that are not user friendly or don’t work with your “on the go” life.

SugarCube’ s interface and easy navigation is designed with the user in mind. Easy to use features such as the Daily Reminders, Geotracking Map and the Photo App- My Meals make the most of the capabilities of a smartphone that you are used to using every day.

It also syncs with your Apple Health App to monitor your exercise routines!

SugarCube is more than diabetes management tool, it’s a lifestyle changer. Better diabetes management means the freedom to live a more balanced life.

Why SugarCube? Because diabetes is what you have, it isn’t who you are.

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We are team striving to make life as a Diabetic easier and healthier by using technology to create innovative lifestyle tools.

Our Story

There are roughly 414 million people globally that have some form of Diabetes. In the next 48 hours, 7,670 Americans will be diagnosed with diabetes—that's a person every 23 seconds. That’s a lot.Our goal is to offer diabetics a high-tech, easy to use mobile app, which assists them in managing their day-to- day decision-making pertaining toa healthier lifestyle choice. We believe that a smart, innovative diabetes app such as The SugarCube, will change a diabetic’s lifestyle, behavior and health simply by using it every day. At SugarCube, we understand that diabetes is what you have, it is not who or what you are.


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Johnnie J. Refvik

With The SugarCube App, I want to change the way diabetics manage their condition to improve their quality of life. I set out to make this change not only for myself, as I am a Type 1 Diabetic, but for all diabetics struggling to balance diabetes and everyday life.

Johnnie J. Refvik
CEO & Founding Member

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